Touchstone Climbing Series

Welcome to the 2024 Touchstone Climbing Series!

Community climbing that’s part low-key competition but mostly just a celebration? Check. A snack-sustained, beer-flowing, and prize-packed party with your fav crew of crushers? You bet.

Each year we try to develop an even better way to say THANK YOU to our members and friends for making the Touchstone fam the best bunch of crag clamberers and pepple wrestlers on this (or any) side of the Sierra.

Enter Touchstone Climbing Series (TCS), where each Touchstone gym hosts an all-day community event for members and non-members alike. Stop by one of our TCS events to enjoy comp-style climbs, refreshments galore, games, and a shower of raffle goodies from all your favorite outdoor brands. Want to compete? You got it. Rather just climb and party with friends? You do you.

TCS Pricing

  • FREE for Members
  • $30 for Non-Members


Registration usually opens the same week as the gym’s TCS. Please complete your competition code and waiver before arriving to expedite your registration. If you arrive with both completed, you will be greeted with the highest of high fives.

  • Fill out an online waiver.  Everyone entering the gym needs a current waiver on file.
  • Get your comp code. Your comp code is yours for life. If you’ve competed in a Touchstone Climbing competition in the past, you already have a comp code. Look it up here. If you’ve never competed—welcome! Registration is fast and free.
    • If the above comp code links aren’t working for you, registration hasn’t opened yet—check back closer to the date of the comp.

Anything Different This Year?

Multiple events, same day

We are following the same format as 2023, where TCS events are happening at multiple gyms on the same day. Why? It’s simple—keep crowds manageable, comp-style climbs accessible, and ensure each community gets its party.


When you arrive and register, we’ll give you a scorecard. Keep it! TCS comps are self-scored. After you complete a problem or route, find it on your paper scorecard and circle the points associated with how many attempts it took you to complete it: 1 try? 2 tries? 3 tries? You get the idea. Have your spotter, belayer, or someone who saw you complete the climb initial each score. Once you’re done climbing, enter all your scores into the online platform we’ve created, and turn in your paper scorecard to be automatically entered into our raffle. Then just kick back, relax, and wait for the rain of prizes!

Event Schedule - Meetups X Webflow Template

Event schedule

12pm – 5pm


12pm – 5pm